Our Rescues

With the help of law enforcement agencies and local authorities, the 300 project has successfully rescued a total of 110 women and children.


  • We get a call from a witness or victim

  • We record details and report straight to law enforcement or coordinate rescue if we can.

  • Once the raid is done and the victim is rescued

  • Victim is recommended to our aftercare


Operation Red Alert
Operation Red alert was coordinated by the 300 project rescue team in Benin Republic and Law enforcement officers in Togo. 2 traffickers were arrested and 11 children rescued.

Operation Break-Free
Girls locked up and phones seized, were sexually exploited around Ajah area. 6 girls rescued. Traffickers whereabouts unknown.

Operation Sweep the Street
23 children forced into child labour and sexual exploitation, have so far been rescued from the streets and returned to their communities in Akwa-Ibom in Southern Nigeria.

Operation Reunite
4 girls below the age of 13 rescued from under-age marriage in Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.