Survivor Stories

Sarah 17
Sarah is from Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom and was taken with the promise of working as a house help in Lagos State. She ended up being placed in a food factory in Oyo State where she worked for more 14 months with no contact to her parents. She was told she will be killed if she made any attempt to escape. Sarah was rescued by our team and is now enjoying her freedom

Onome 20
Onome was promised a better life if she followed a “madam” to Italy. Her madam tricked her into going through Libya and then through the mediterranean sea. On getting there she soon discovered the true identity of her madam but it was too late. She was beaten severely and made to stand on the street if she wanted to eat or survive. Her madam told her that her mother back in the village would be killed if she doesn’t raise all the money she spent in bringing her to italy.

After more than 1 year Onome heard of a catholic agency online and reached out to them. She was later brought to Nigeria and then the yellow shelter. She is currently done with her rehabilitation process and working towards furthering her education to study engineering with the help of the 300 project scholarship.

Chisom 22
Chisom’s case was one of the worst we have seen in Nigeria. She was drugged and woke up one morning to find herself in a room with 15 other girls, 6 of whom were heavily pregnant. She had become a victim of trafficking in a baby factory ring. Every week two men came in to rape the ladies who were not pregnant yet, in a bid to impregnate them.

She found the courage to escape when she was a few months pregnant. We heard about Chisom’s case three months after she had given birth. She is currently enrolled in one of our partner skill acquisition centers in Enugu where she is learning how to bake.