The Yellow Shelter

The yellow shelter is a safe haven for rescued survivors. A place for healing. At the shelter, survivors undergo psychological evaluation, are involved in different skill acquisition programs, and lots more. All these ensure a smooth reintegration into society.

The Yellow Shelter was established in 2018 in partnership with Grace + Grits Social Enterprise Australia. Presently the three hundred project has three yellow shelters, located in Nigeria and Benin Republic. The yellow shelter plays a large role in our aftercare program. Through the yellow shelter, survivors are given fresh hope in life. A skill acquisition center

Through the yellow shelter we:

  • Provide a safe haven for survivors.
  • Offer holistic care for survivors which includes weekly psychological evaluations.
  • Keep the survivors engaged through the skill acquisition center set up at the yellow shelter.
  • Ensure a smooth reintegration into society.

So far a total of 36 survivors have walked through the doors of the yellow shelter.

The yellow shelter is being funded by donations.